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Our extensive experience with offshore vessels and projects, gained over many years throughout Asia, the Middle East, West Africa and Europe enable us to provide expert services and guidance to our clients.


We maintain an extensive network of vessel owners and shipyards so that we are able to locate the vessels that best suit the needs of our clients, whether it is for chartering, or for purchase. We can also undertake shipyard selection and contract negotiations for all types of vessels or modifications.


Phoenix is particularly active in the towing and projects segments where we are able to provide turnkey sub contract solutions. Because we are actively involved in offshore projects we often have firsthand knowledge of a vessel or a location, and we are able to offer solid advice gained from practical experience.

  • Extensive network of owners, shipyards and charterers
  • Able to locate all types of offshore vessels from barges to construction vessels
  • Many years of experience and knowledge gained from an owners perspective
  • Sale & Purchase
  • Time and Bare Boat chartering, spot or term, day rate or lump sum
  • Rig & Ocean tows, project charters
  • Added value due to our operations department & additional services
  • Shipyard selection and contract negotiation
  • Practical advice gained from operational experience
  • Commercially driven on your behalf to provide an equitable outcome